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AlvinArmajo Created on January 11, This thread is locked. You can insert form controls like check boxes, option, or toggle buttons to make data entry easier.

How do I insert radio buttons in Numbers for iPad? - Ask Different

Check boxes work well for forms with multiple options. Option buttons are better when your user has just one choice. Toggle buttons indicate a state between an enabled or disabled state when the button is clicked. To edit the ActiveX control, make sure that you are in design mode. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Design Mode. To set the control properties, on the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Properties. The Properties dialog box appears. To work with radio buttons in Excel, you need to have more than one radio button in the worksheet.

With this method, you need to repeat the steps as many times as many radio buttons you want. This can be the method of choice when you have to insert only a couple of radio buttons in Excel.

How to Insert and Use a Radio Button (Option Button) in Excel

An interesting thing to note here is that if you have linked the first radio button with a cell in the worksheet, all the radio buttons that you insert after it would be linked to that same cell. Also, you will be able to check only one of the radio buttons.

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A quick way to insert radio button is to copy and paste an existing radio button. When you copy and paste a cell that contains a radio button, it creates a copy of the radio button as well. Similarly, if you have a radio button in a cell and you select and drag the cell as shown below , it will create copies of the radio button. Imagine you have a survey with ten different questions.

For each question, you can choose one answer by clicking on the radio button for that answer. This means that you would make ten radio button selections in the survey.

Form Controls – Adding Interactivity to Your Worksheets

This way, you can have any number of independent groups where you can make only one selection within the group, the selection across groups is independent. You can easily delete a single radio button in Excel by selecting it and pressing the delete key.

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  • To select a radio button, you need to hold the Control key and the press the left button of the mouse. If you have many radio buttons scattered in your worksheet, here is a way to get a list of all the radio buttons and delete at one go:.

    How to Add a Button to a Microsoft Excel Worksheet

    If you want to protect the entire worksheet, but want the radio buttons to work, here are the steps:. Now when you protect the entire sheet, the radio button would still be working. Since Excel protects all the locked cells only, having the linked cell unlocked still makes it work. A radio button allows a user to select only one of the radio buttons from a group.