Back to my mac dns server isnt responding

Click on OK, then on Apply to bring these changes into effect. Refresh discoveryd service Another thing you could try is refreshing the discoveryd service: Open Terminal from Spotlight or Launchpad. Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

This should fix the issue:.

OS X 10.10.4+, Yosemite

If your MobileMe account was moved to iCloud, you should delete those keys from the computer you're connecting to:. Posted on Aug 23, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 30, PM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. Mar 30, PM. Jun 29, PM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. Jun 29, PM. I Was just trying to use it this weekend. Not sure if I had that same error, but some unedifying error one where "connect as" just causes it to return an error rather than giving you a chance to enter anything in the dialog box.

I've mostly just given up on apple as google Remote Desktop just seems to work without all the frustration. I've gone through at least one long AppleCare ordeal trying to get screen sharing working, and the impression I got it that even Apple doesn't really know how it works. Jul 13, AM.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding in Windows 10/8/7- [2019]

Jul 15, PM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. B2MM is just terrible. Support has tried to fix mine so many times, and it just never works right. A few times they got it working, and then it stopped weeks later. I follow all instructions, every time and it's just a wild goose chase. I wish they wouldn't roll out half baked solutions like this.

How to fix DNS server isn’t responding?

They are quickly turning into Microsoft. Jul 15, PM. Aug 4, AM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. Same problem here, but it only started after the latest upgrade to OSX Since both upgrades happened for me at the same time more or less I can't tell which one is the culprit, though.

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Aug 4, AM. Aug 23, AM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. Aug 23, AM. Aug 29, AM in response to johnlev In response to johnlev. Aug 29, AM.

DNS: online name resolution

Aug 29, PM in response to kenbech In response to kenbech. I diagnosed the problem, but it said connection was fine. Then, I diagnosed it while the connection was off, and it said my setup was correct, but it couldn't connect to the DNS server.

How to fix Wi-Fi problems on Mac OS X Yosemite

I searched it up, and apparently a lot of people had the same thing. I have searched a ton of stuff, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling my internet card btw I use wireless I tried rolling it back, updating it. None of those worked. I tried getting a new internet card, a better one.

My connection was better, yeah, but I was having the same problem. I tried restarting my router, that didn't work. I also tried resetting my DNS server. You guessed it, that didn't work either. I tried changing my Mac Address, that didn't work. Btw, i changed it back.

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I have literally searched the whole internet for a solution, and im pretty much ready to give up. I dont know whats wrong. I started having this problem randomly, just out of the blue. I wasn't installing anything that day, the internet didn't go out that day, it was a perfectly normal day, then my internet started acting up. I have no idea what is wrong. I also tried that one thing where you Un-check the box that says "Allow this device to turn off this other device to save power. BTW, I built this computer. Request timed out.

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2. Use Network Diagnostics

View anotherdrew's answer. Dec 27, 1, 38 3, Before you go out and buy a new computer and router, I would like you to try something. Instead of pinging 8. When you lose connection, do the pings continue or not? I suspect that they do continue, which means that your computer is fine and the router is probably fine, but you are losing the connection to your ISP. I suspect that the connection is resetting maybe due to a high error count. If your router also acts as a modem ie, a phone line or coaxial cable plugs into it you maybe be able to open an error log that shows the disconnects.

If what I suspect is true, then your ISP should be able to test the line and detect an issue. A technician might need to be routed to correct the issue. OK, thanks. I will try this. If the different ping doesn't work, yeah ill try the ISP. Also, the pings DO continue after it loses connection. It fixed itself. Its not perfect, im still getting irregular spikes in ping, but otherwise it works. I checked my internet and now im getting about mbs download, upload.

Here is my ping now: Reply from 8.